Thursday, 30 May 2013

 unknown magic 
Written by Tadi

Sitting on the porch, looking at the lifeless lake, thinking about everything going on in her life, a tear slid down her cheek. She was happy. After a long life of being alone, afraid and not loved, five years ago she finally found the one, her better half. And now, she was pregnant and everything seemed perfect. 

She stood up, walked to the end of the porch and sat down on the stairs. The fresh morning breeze did her good. She looked around and took a deep breath. The beautiful smell of roses filled her and she smiled. She remembered the first time she met her soul mate, Jason. She was lying on the grass in the middle of the park looking up at the sky, smiling at the different shapes of clouds. Suddenly a ball landed on her stomach and she sat up, she saw a dog running towards her and she started laughing. The dog started waging his tail like crazy and she patted him on the head. She looked up and saw a man running towards her; he slowed down and walked over to her. He sat on the grass next to her and patted the dog. 
“I'm really sorry about that” he pointed to the ball and smiled at her.
“No problem” she answered him while patting the dog.

They spent the rest of the day together laughing and playing with the dog. They were walking down an old path; it was the most beautiful path she had ever seen. Every twenty steps, she counted, there were these beautiful arches, they had angels drawn on them and anywhere she looked all she could see were big, beautiful red roses. He walked over to one of the bushes and while he tried to take one of the roses he cut his finger on the thorns. He stuck it in his mouth and walked back to her. He smiled and gave her the most beautiful rose she has ever seen. 
She will never forget that day, because it was the day her life changed completely. 

Jason was the most amazing person she has ever met. He made her laugh and made her love him even more with small gestures like bringing her a rose every day or making her breakfast. He loved her with all he had and she loved him back just as much. They were perfect together. Every girl she knew was jealous of her for having him and they had the right to be, after all he was very handsome. His bright blue eyes made him stand out and when he looked at her it was like he saw right in to her soul. He was tall and lean and his smile made every girl swoon. His dark hair just made his eyes even brighter. 

She was lucky to have him and she knew it. Every now and then she would overhear others talking how he could find someone prettier than her, how he deserved much more. They called her fat behind her back and she would cry herself to sleep at night, but he would have none of that, he stood up to others and defended his girl. He always told her how he loved her curves and that she was not fat at all. He let her cry, but held her to him, letting her know that he was right there for her. When her father died, she was devastated, even though she fought with him a lot, she also loved him with all her heart. 

He never left her side at those hard times, he held her and let her cry, he was her rock and she loved him even more for that.
He loved playing with her long red curly hair and staring in to her beautiful brown eyes. They did everything together, they were unbreakable.

She stood up and walked down the path to the lake. She stood there for a while looking across the beautiful lake and up at the blue sky, smiling at the clouds. She looked at the ground and picked up a stone with a flattened surface, she threw it across the lake and it bounced four times before sinking in to the lake. She remembered the day Jason taught her to do that and she smiled at the memory. They went for a relaxing long walk at the beach; they hugged, kissed and laughed all the way. He pulled her to the water and they ran in it, splashing each other. He laid out a blanket and they sat on it and ate sandwiches he made. They talked for a while about everything, even the silly simple things. He found a flat rock and he threw it letting it bounce eight times before sinking. She has never seen anyone do that before and she was amazed, he laughed when she told him she’s never done that. He pulled her up found a rock and stood behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and put the rock in her hand. He showed her exactly how to do it and they spent the next hour skipping rocks.

“Mary!” She turned around as she heard Jason call her; he was standing on the porch looking as handsome as always. He waved and she smiled and waved back. He ran towards her and she started running as well. He opened his arms for her and she ran into his embrace, he lifted her and spun her around. They kissed and walked back to the house. The house wasn't very special but it was extremely beautiful, small but still beautiful. It was the house of her dreams, near a lake, no neighbours in sight, just like she always wanted it. It was painted a light shade of yellow and a freshly painted white picket fence stood around it. The porch wasn't big but it had just enough room for two chairs, a small table and a swing bench. They loved spending time on the porch, relaxing and looking at the lake. The inside of the house was decorated in an old fashioned way. The kitchen was small but big enough for its purpose, the living room was a little bit bigger and it had a study connected to it. There was also a small bathroom and stairs leading upstairs where there were two bedrooms, one for them and another one for a baby plus a bigger bathroom. The attic wasn't a typical attic; they changed it into their personal little library. Mary loved spending time in there, reading was her passion. Jason wasn't like that; he of course, loved spending time in front of the TV.

They sat on the swing bench and cuddled. Everything was so quiet and peaceful ever since Jason’s dog, Peach, died, she was the sweetest dog Mary had ever met. Every morning she would go for a walk and Peach would go after her, scaring away every bird. She used to run in the water and chase after everything; she was so full of life. Mary missed her very much. Jason had two jobs, so he was almost never home, Peach was the one that stayed by Mary every day. But then one day she wouldn't follow her when she went for a walk, she was worried about her but thought that maybe she was tired and decided to sleep, but when Mary came home and called Peach to come to her she didn't. She died because of cancer and they held a small funeral for her on the beach.

On November 15, Jason rushed Mary to the hospital, to have the baby. She was terrified, she had no idea what to do, but he was right there, her rock. He remembers the doctor calming down his wife, telling her to breathe and push, she pushed and pushed and nothing happened, the doctors were worried but kept telling her to push, all he could hear was Mary screaming and pushing. She started losing consciousness, everything started to go black and she couldn't hear any more, the last thing she saw was her husband’s beautiful face, tears sliding down his cheeks. He kept shaking her, yelling at her to stay with him but the darkness was taking her away, pulling her down in to the black pitch. Her pulse slowed down until it finally stopped. The doctors cut her open and got the baby out. It was a beautiful healthy girl. Jason was devastated, he didn't know what to do and he couldn't go on without Mary. 

He walked down the hallway, he didn't hear anything and he blocked everyone out and just kept walking. Time seemed to slow down as he just kept walking. He walked outside and the light breeze hit him. He sat on the ground and broke down, he cried and cried until he finally stood up and ran, he just kept running and running. He didn't know where he was going, but he just kept running. It was getting darker but he didn't stop, he couldn't stop. He saw a woman getting robbed by two big guys and he ran towards them. He pushed them away and helped the woman run away. Even though these guys didn't have guns; they weren't going to let him get away. Jason started running, he was very fast and he thought he could outrun them, since he was smaller, but what he didn't know was that these two guys weren't normal, in fact they weren't even human. He glanced back and he couldn't see them any more, he thought he got away, but just as he was about to stop running he hit into something big. 
One of the guys was standing right in front of him. He grabbed him and lifted him up with one hand, as if he didn't weigh anything at all. He threw him across the street in to the tree. The force he threw him with was too much for Jason and everything started to go black. The last thing he saw was the guy standing right in front of him and his fist flying towards his head. 
Just as he was about to black out, a bright light shined right in front of him. A woman walked out from the light and towards him, it was his wife. He stood up and nothing hurt, it was like he wasn't attacked at all. Mary smiled at him and offered him her hand. He took it and together they walked in to the bright light.


  1. I really enjoyed this short-story--very moving. You make me want to get back into some creative writing. :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading it and it's great to hear you like it:]