Sunday, 23 June 2013

unknown magic
Chapter I - My personal hell [part2]
Written by Tadi

It's extremely hot in the bedroom. I don't even know how all the girls can sleep. There are no boys here. It's a girl's only orphanage. There's not much to do around here, well they don't let us do anything. The orphanage is huge, it has a lot of rooms we're not allowed to go in. One of them is the owner’s office. That’s the room we need to get in to, that's the room that holds the key to our freedom. Inside it is a desk and inside a drawer lies an old map of the orphanage with all its exits and even some old tunnels. I've seen it once when I was cleaning the room but I couldn't take a better look because the owner was there watching my every move. It’s like they’re hiding something from all of us. Some deep dark secret they don’t want us to know. I walk back to my bed and lay down. Everything is slowly getting darker and a few minutes later I'm asleep.
   “Alice” someone says while shaking me.
   “Alice wake up already!” I opened my eyes and saw Lacey leaning over me and shaking me. I sat up and rubbed my eyes.
     “What is it?” I said with a yawn.
    “What are you doing? You never oversleep!” I looked around and saw that everyone has already left their beds. I'm always the one to wake up first. This is the first time I've actually slept longer than everyone else.
    “Hurry up before…”
    “Alice! Why is it that you’re always the one to cause trouble? You are late for breakfast.” Lauren said with a smirk.
    “I just overslept a little, what’s the big deal?”
    “Well since you think that breakfast is no big deal then you won’t get any today. You can get started on your chores.” She turned around and left the room. I picked up the pillow and tried to throw it after her but Lacey stopped me. She gave me the ‘are you crazy’ look and took it from me. I stood up and walked slowly to the bathroom. Since I'm not getting breakfast I don’t see the point in hurrying up. If she thinks she can manipulate with me, she better think again. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I put on my ripped jeans and dirty t-shirt and left the bedroom. 

The hallways are long and narrow. Pictures of old keepers hang on the walls but not a single one of any of the girls that live or lived here. There’s a picture at the end of the hall that I find very interesting. It is a picture of a devilish looking figure. At his feet are hundreds of bloody corpses that look half eaten. It has no name on it, I've checked every corner but nothing. I hear heels clicking on the hardwood floor around the corner and I hurry up along the hallway before anyone sees me. I walk past the dining room and the lovely smells intoxicate me. I take a quick peek inside and see everyone seated and eating. Laruen is overseeing everything again, as usual so sneaking in and grabbing some breakfast is out of the question. I’ll just have to find some left overs later when no one’s around. I continued walking down the hall until I reached the end where I turned left in to an even smaller hallway with only one room at the end. We call it the side room, this is where we find our lists with chores. I opened the door and checked the wall, searching for my name. I came to the very end when I finally saw it. It was twice as long as anyone else’s. I wouldn't have expected anything less from Lauren. She hates me and will find anyway to make me suffer. I ripped the paper off the wall and stuffed it into my pocket. The first thing on the list was to clean the stairway so that’s where I went.

I've crossed off everything but the last chore, cleaning the basement. It’s 8pm and we need to be in bed at ten so I hurried down the stairs and in to the basement. It was dark and quiet. I turned on the light. The room became brighter but it didn't reach all the corners. I don’t get scared easily but this place creeps me out. There’s absolutely no sound, sometimes it even feels like someone’s there watching you. I walked to the other side of the room and sat on an old chair that wiggled weirdly when I sat on it. I grabbed a box and started going through it. The last time I cleaned the basement was around three months ago so all the boxes were different. At the bottom of the box was a book. I picked it up and turned it around to see the cover but there was nothing there. I flipped through it and decided to keep it. I flipped through the documents but found nothing interesting. I started carrying the boxes and placing them neatly in the corner.

Everyone was already in their beds when I walked in. I dragged myself to the bathroom and washed my face. I locked the doors and took a shower. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling until I finally gave in and fell asleep escaping from one nightmare right in to another.

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