Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hello and welcome

This is a brand new blog about books! So if you're a book nerd [of course you are] then this is the blog for you! We will rate, review books and lots more!
This blog is not just an ordinary blog! It’s LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!!!
So join us in making this blog the best it can be! Follow & join the fun!

Now just a quick little tutorial:
·        If you see a little green flag next to a book then it means that the book is paranormal/fantasy!
·        If it has a yellow flag then it most likely is contemporary!
·        If there is a red flag, it means it has a love triangle!
·        The books will be rated with little hearts from 1 to 5; for its originality, story, characters, romance, action…
·        Writers: Tadi & Hano

Tadi & Hano

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