Tuesday, 23 July 2013

unknown magic
Chapter III - The great battle [part3]
Written by Tadi

    “Is there some sort of problem, missy?” he said with a soft smile. I blushed and turned around. I was just about to run up the stairs when a thought crossed my mind. I turned around and walked closer to the desk.
    “Can I ask you a question, sir?” I said cautiously.
    “As soon as you stop calling me sir.” I smiled and stepped closer.
    “Do you know anything about a witch?” His eyes widened as he realised what I had just asked him. He leaned over the desk and whispered.
    “Why would you ask something like that? There’s no such thing as witches, missy” he said with a scoff.
   “I know” I said quickly but I wanted an answer so I asked again “I was just wondering if you knew where they’re saying she lives?” After a minute of considering what to do and eyeing me he finally waved me to come around the desk and guided me in to a smaller room. It looked like a personal library. Every single wall was full of shelves with books and in the middle of the room were two chairs. He walked to the wall on the right and searched through the books. He stopped at a small one with green covers. He sat in the big leather brown chair and motioned me to sit in the other one. He offered me the book and I took it and opened it. ‘The great battle’ read the tittle. He told me that supposedly many years ago there was a battle between witches and dwarfs. I looked at him confused. I thought dwarfs were tiny little creatures who lived in forests. How would they even be able to fight against the witches? He explained that the dwarfs are not what they’re presented as in the stories.
    “They might be small but they are vicious creatures” he said. He looked out the window and continued.
    “The witches were arrogant creatures and took dwarfs for granted just as humans do now.”
    “But you said they’re not real!”
    “Don’t interrupt me, missy” he said and raised a finger to shush me. He told me about how the witches attacked the dwarfs with their magic but the dwarfs were stronger than they expected. They fought the witches off with their weapons, some even with their bare hands. But at the end the witches were too powerful and the dwarfs were defeated.
    “They took over their homes and some say that the last witch, the most powerful one still lives there now, waiting for her demise where the Great three hills collide.” He stood up slowly and left the room. I closed the book and ran after him.
    “Wait! Where are the Great three hills?” I asked. He walked closer to me and flipped the book open on the last page. With his shaky hand he pointed to the picture. It was a map of the town. And at the top behind the church were three little hills and across them in tiny letters was written ‘the Great three hills’.  I looked up from the pages to ask him a question but he was nowhere in sight. I closed the book and walked upstairs back to our room where Anna and Lacey were waiting.

I opened the door quietly and found them both sleeping on the bed. It was a king sized bed so we could all fit on it. Anna was sleeping on her back with her mouth wide open. I stifled a giggle and tiptoed to my backpack which was lying on the floor next to the bed. I picked it up and slowly unzipped it, occasionally glancing at them making sure they’re still asleep. I pulled out the money from the orphanage and divided it into three parts. I thought about what he had told me and it still sounded ridiculous in my head. I mean, magical creatures are not supposed to be real. They’re just stories people make up. But then again I’ve never seen the world, I’ve never experienced it. Maybe it is all true, maybe we do live in a world full of magic. Lacey shifted to her side and I stood still. I waited a while before putting my share of the money in my backpack and placing theirs on the table. I searched through the cabinets and drawers until I found a piece of paper and a pen. This was the worst way of saying goodbye but I couldn’t even bear the thought of looking at their faces as I walked away. They’re my best friends and always will be but it’s time to move on. They shouldn’t go through all of this with me, they should live a new, better life and be happy. My hand started shaking and tears gathered in my eyes as I thought about how to write it all.

I read the letter over again before folding it and placing it on the table next to the money. I picked up my jacket and backpack and took one final look at them. Tears slid down my face as I left the room and closed the door behind me. I walked past the old man and he gave me an encouraging smile as I pulled the door open and stepped out in to the fresh air. I pulled the book out of my backpack and opened it on the last page. According to the map I was at the very beginning of the town. I had to go through town square, past the Museum of Sacrifice and up the hill to the church. And from there I should find a path leading to the Great three hills. I closed it and put it back in my backpack. I walked down the sidewalk in the blazing heat when I saw a black shadow. As soon as I noticed it I got these weird tingles on my neck and it felt familiar, but as it disappeared everything went back to normal. I stopped and looked around for any sign of it but I didn’t even know what I was looking for. I started walking again but looking around every once in a while to make sure I wasn’t followed. 

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