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unknown magic
Chapter IV - The warehouse [part2]
Written by Tadi   

After a two hour train ride we finally arrived at our destination. I’ve asked Edith where we were going about a hundred times but she wouldn’t tell me. She said that it’s safer I don’t know. Nathan just kept to himself at the back and said nothing the whole ride. It was hard to believe that he actually liked me when he acted like a total ass. Edith talked about her adventures in Spain the whole ride and I laughed at how cheerful she was. It was funny seeing a witch so friendly and chatty. I’ve never imagined being friends with one but Edith was like this ray of sunshine that just made you smile. I was amazed at everything she told me about Spain, all the people, the atmosphere and just the beauty of everything. For someone who has never seen the world those kind of stories were the best. I peered over Edith’s shoulder as we got off the train.
    “Welcome to Paris, Alice” said Edith with a big smile as she waved with her hand dramatically.
    “Paris as in France?” I asked as my jaw dropped and I looked around.
    “We have a safe house here and it’s the easiest way to protect you” said Nathan and walked past me to the car waiting to load our luggage.
The car ride was really unpleasant, there was compete silence. I looked through the window amazed as we drove past all the beautiful buildings, even the Eiffel tower. The driver turned on to a road that led us through the forest to an abandoned warehouse. It was huge but very old and it looked like it was about to collapse. I wondered how in the world that could be a safe house. We got out of the car and Nathan disappear behind it to get our luggage. Edith walked down the path to the front door and I decided to help Nathan. Just as I was about to ask him if he needs help I changed my mind and walked down the path after Edith. I felt a strong grip on my shoulder and I stopped abruptly. I thought that this is it, I was about to die. I was ready to say goodbye to my life as I turned around but there was no one there. I looked around confused when someone poked me and I turned around quickly but again saw nothing.
    “Leave her alone, Jack” said Nathan behind me and I turned around to face him. He had an amused look on his face but it quickly changed as he saw my face.
    “Relax, it’s just Jack” he said. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around again this time slowly prepared to see nothing. A guy, Jack I assume, stood in front of me looking down at me, smiling broadly. He looked a lot like Nathan except his hair was blonde and his eyes didn’t shine as bright. Plus he was a bit shorter, still taller than me though.
    “Sorry about that” he said.
    “Jack can make himself invisible. It comes in handy when dealing with the enemy” I peered at him “not that you’re the enemy” he said quickly and ran his hand through his hair. Nathan pushed Jack as they walked down the path and I walked behind them smiling at their playfulness.

We walked in through the door and down the hall. We came to a dead end and stopped. Nathan looked back at me and pulled me forward by my hand.
    “You’ll need to remember this” he said and lifted his hand. He placed it on the fifth brick tile from the bottom and the third from the left. He pushed the tile in and the wall started moving. It slid to the left and an elevator appeared in front of us. Nathan pushed me in with him and pressed the only button on the panel. The elevator moved and a few minutes later the door opened and revealed a small hallway with steel doors at the end. Nathan pushed the numbers fifteen, eleven, nine, nine and four on the panel and the door opened as I realised the numbers represented my birth date. I walked in through the door and Edith smiled at me from the large sofa. She was watching TV with two other people. She waved me over and I walked to her.
    “This is Faye” she pointed to the girl on her right with long blonde hair and black eyes. She looked at me and rolled her eyes “and this is Phillipe” she said as a short guy stood up, bowed his head and kissed my hand. I sat down on the sofa with them and Faye stood up and walked away. I looked at Edith confused and she just smiled. I haven’t even been her more than five minutes and she already hates me. Phillipe stood up, smiled at me and walked away through the door on the other side of the room. Edith and I were left alone in the room and I took the opportunity to talk to her.
    “So what’s up with Faye?” I asked.
    “She’s just jealous” answered Edith without looking at me.
    “Jealous of what” I prodded and she turned off the TV with a sigh and turned to face me.
    “She has been in love with Nathan since like forever. She was with him at the orphanage and was forced to watch him watch you. When she found out he was bringing you here she went crazy. She threw stuff around and screamed at everyone” I opened my mouth and she quickly continued “but I wouldn’t worry about her. Nathan feels nothing for her and he never did, she just doesn’t understand that yet.” Great, I already have an enemy. At least I now know I can trust her to protect me. I stood up and walked to the other side of the room and through the door as Edith turned the TV back on. I heard noises below as I walked down the stairs. I slid the door open and found Nathan on the ground with Jack leaning over him, laughing loudly. He offered Nathan his hand and as he grabbed it he pulled him down and threw him on his back. He got up and pointed his sword at Jack’s throat. Faye sat in the corner and watched me as I moved closer to the table with countless of weapons on it.
    “Don’t hurt yourself” said Nathan behind me. I turned around to face him.
    “I want you to teach me” I said.
    “Teach you what?”
    “To fight!” He laughed and ran his hand through his hair. I crossed my hands on my chest and raised my head. He laughed harder and messed my hair with his hand. I slapped it away and smirked.
    “I want to learn how to protect myself, Nathan” I said seriously and he smiled.
    “You won’t need to, sweetheart” I blushed at his words and he smiled.
    “Get a room” said Faye and she bumped in Nathan’s shoulder as she walked away.
    “Come on Nathan let the girl fight. Are you afraid she’ll beat you up?” said Jack and threw a hand over his shoulder. Nathan pushed him away and sighed.
    “Fine” he looked over my shoulder at the table. I caught my breath as he leaned closer to grab something of it. He smiled as he straightened up and handed me a black gun.

    “You need to learn how to shoot first” he said and walked towards the end of the room. I quickly followed him holding the gun as far away from me as possible. He stopped and turned around and chuckled when he saw me carrying the gun awkwardly. 

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