Sunday, 28 July 2013

unknown magic
Chapter IV - The warehouse [part3]
Written by Tadi

He put headphones over my ears and then his and he showed me where to shoot. I lifted the gun with my shaky hand and pointed it at the target. I took a deep breath and relaxed. I looked through the small gap on the top of the gun, pointed it at the centre and slowly pulled the trigger. I shot two more bullets and then Nathan pressed a button to pull the target forward. His jaw dropped when it came to a stop and we could clearly see the bullet holes. Two went directly to the heart and one in the head. He looked at me with amazement in his eyes and I smirked at him.
    “Okay, maybe you’re not as weak as I expected” he said and ran his hand through his hair.
    “I want to learn how to fight now” I said. He walked past me and on to the mat. He waived his hand to show me to stand on the other side facing him.
    “I’ll go easy on you” he said with a smile and ran at me. I quickly dogged to the side but as I was about to turn around something crashed at me and I fell on my back. Nathan was leaning over me with a huge smile on his face and offered me his hand.
    “Never turn your back on your enemy” he said. I took his hand and copied his move from before pulling him down and throwing him on his back. I stumbled to my feet but he was faster. He grabbed me by my waist and threw me on the floor making sure to hold me so I wouldn’t get hurt. He chuckled as I slapped his hand away and got up from the floor.
    “You need to learn how to protect yourself” he said and showed me how to position my hand to block his attack. He swung his fist at my face but I lifted my hand just in time to block it just as he had shown me. He showed me how to do sidekicks, how to surprise attack someone, how to block in different ways and a lot more.

My body was sore as I walked back up the stairs and in to the kitchen to eat. Edith made me eggs and bacon and I went back for seconds. Everyone looked at me surprised and I just smiled with my mouth full of eggs. After dinner Edith walked me to my room which was just next to hers and across the hall from Nathans. I wondered if he even needs sleep since he’s a demon. Just as I was about to ask Edith, Nathan appeared out of nowhere. He smiled at me and walked to his room. I watched him until he disappeared behind his door and Edith cleared her throat. I could feel the heat in my cheeks when I turned around and walked in my room. I locked the door behind me and went straight for the bathroom. I opened the door and regretted it immediately. Faye was standing there admiring herself in the mirror.
    “What are you doing in my room” I said. She looked at me as she was about to kill me and I stepped back a little.
    “You mean our room?” she said and walked past me “There are only four rooms and I’m being forced to share mine with you because Nathan doesn’t want you alone with Jack” she finished with dramatically throwing my backpack of the bed.
    “That’s my bed” she said and crawled in to it. I turned around and walked back to the bathroom. Great I was stuck with miss perfect. I’m going to have to talk to Edith about this. Maybe I can just stay with her in her room. I switched on the shower and stood under the warm water.

I laid in my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I could feel a pain in my stomach and I knew I needed Nathan. It was really unpleasant, like someone kept stabbing you. But I hardly know him, I can’t just drop everything and live with him forever, I have a life of my own and I still need to find out what happened to my parents. I closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness as I fell asleep with Nathans smile stuck in my head.

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