Thursday, 1 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter V - Deceive me not [part1]
Written by Tadi

I walked down the path in the darkness once again, the moon my only light. There was no sound, no wind just complete silence. I heard myself breathing hard as I walked along the path. I smiled when I saw Nathan standing on the path far away from me. The moonlight hit his face perfectly and I could see him smile. I walked closer to him but he took a step back.
    “It’s okay Nathan, I’m not afraid. What do you want?” I said.
    “Come to me” he whispered and it rang in my ears. My feet started moving like I wasn’t controlling them. I couldn’t turn around or stop, I just kept moving. I looked at him again and this time he was closer. I could see his face more clearly, I looked him in the eyes but something wasn’t right, his eyes didn’t shine, they were dark, they were black. That’s when I realised the pain in my stomach was still there and I didn’t feel the tingles on my neck. My heart started racing and I started panicking. He raised his hand and looked me in the eyes.
    “Come” he said again. In a moment I was standing next to him and he grabbed me around my waist. We started rising up to the sky and the ground beneath us opened and started spinning like a twister. He let go off me and I screamed as I fell in to the black hole.

I woke up to the splash of cold water on my face. I saw Faye leaning over me with a bucket in her hand.
    “What is your problem” she said. I was sitting there in shock from the cold water when Nathan came bursting through the door and set on the bed next to me. For the first time I saw worry and sadness in his eyes as he pulled me to him.
    “What happened?” he whispered in my ear and I told him everything. As I finished his eyes changed and I could feel how mad he was. I could feel his mixed emotions as if they were my own. He stood up and walked to the door just as Edith came through them.
    “What’s going on?” she asked.
    “Asmoday” is all he said before walking through the door and slamming it behind him. Faye walked out behind him and left me and Edith alone. She sat at the edge of my bed and looked at me. I told her what happened and she kept gasping and looked at me in terror.
    “I don’t understand. What was that?” I asked.
    “It was Asmoday” she said and because I just kept staring at her she continued “He’s a demon and he’s known to be very deceiving. You know the story about Eve right? How the serpent deceived her to eat the forbidden fruit?” I nodded “Well that was him. He can turn in to anything and can make you do whatever he wants.”
    “Where did Nathan go?” I asked.
    “To talk to Asmoday I guess.”
    “What? No!” I stumbled out of bed and ran out without getting dressed. Nathan was standing at the elevator and was talking to Jack. They both turned as I called for him. Their jaws dropped and I realised I’ve ran out in only a t-shirt that barley reached my thighs. Jack smiled while Nathan just kept staring at me and again I could feel a mix of emotion fighting inside of him. I blushed and Jack whistled.
    “Knock it off!” said Nathan and walked to me. He held my hand and dragged me back to my room where Edith was still sitting on my bed.
    “Get out” he yelled at her and she stood up and walked to the door.
    “Next time just ask nicely and don’t yell at me” she said before slamming the door.
    “What is wrong with you” he said and turned away from me. I stepped closer and put my hand on his shoulder. I saw his fist tighten and I stepped back. What was I doing? He hated me, maybe I should just let him go and get himself killed. He laughed and turned around. I could see he was hurt but he wouldn’t admit it.
    “He can’t kill me” he said. I looked down at my feet and crossed my hands over my chest. After a while I heard him sigh and then I felt his hands around me. He pulled me closer and I looked at him.
     “I don’t hate you. I would die for you if I could” he paused “you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hold you. How much I’ve wanted to call your name” he raised his hand and touched my cheek. I looked at him stunned, I didn’t know what to say. No words I could think of could match his.
    “You don’t need to say anything, sweetheart” he leaned down and kissed my forehead “I can read minds, remember?” he whispered in my ear. I felt his breath on my skin and I shivered. He stretched back and ran his hand through his hair. He always does that when he gets nervous and to be honest for some reason it’s really sexy. He gave my hand a squeeze and then left the room. I fell back on my bed and sighed happily. Maybe my life won’t be so bad after all, maybe I will have my prince at the end. 

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