Thursday, 1 August 2013


I was walking to the classroom. My heart was thumping as fast as it could. All l could hear was the clicks of my shoes. Gulping hard and taking a deep breath, I walked in and as soon as I walked in, I could hear mutters from 2 girls in the class. They seemed popular, perfect hair, up to date fashion with clear beautiful faces but with a heart of a devil. “Ew, those shoes are so last year.” The one with the blonde hair whispered high enough for the class to hear. “And a white top? Seriously, it should be blue. Doesn't go with those jeans at all.” The other girl next to her said. “Now quiet down girls and boys, this is a new student. Her name’s Kristen, please take a seat over here.” Said my new teacher Mr. Thompson pointing towards the front to the right of the class. I took a seat trying to ignore the words people were saying although I could hear them very clearly.
The bell rang and we were all dismissed from class. I pulled my bag to my shoulder and walked out with a big sigh. As soon as l walked out the door, A hand was put on my shoulder and I got twisted around and by the time I looked at who it was, I couldn't help but stare. The green eyes shimmered like a crystal stone, shiny hair, just above his shoulder, lips so soft and light with clear skin but I can’t talk to him, I can’t. I don’t want to harm him...”Are you with me? Hello? I just wanted to apologize for the girls behavior towards you.” and then I finally realized he was talking to me “oh..uh sorry” then he took his hand off my shoulder and offered me his hand to shake “The names Callum” I looked at him and just walked away. I didn't look back, I just kept walking as fast as I could. “What did I do wrong?” I could hear him say while I was walking away into the distance and I could hear the voice of the girl with the blonde hair say “Don’t worry baby, what do you want from her anyway? Let’s go sweetie”.
Moments later I sat down on the green grass alone with my hands wrapped around my knees. “Why does this have to happen to me?” I muttered to myself. “why does what happen to you?” I looked back and saw Callum behind me. “Look. Stay away from me, I’m warning you.” I shot at him while I stood up “I haven’t done anything” he said “I know you haven’’s too complicated, you wouldn't understand” then the girl with the blonde hair came “Just a moment Brenda!” she gave him a weird and surprised look and said “I’ll be waiting for you at the benches sweetie.” He rolled his eyes towards me and said “All I wanted to do is apologize  And I couldn't bare staying close to someone so handsome and I just walked away and said in a quiet tone “I’m sorry.” And he didn’t follow me. I could almost feel him starring at me.

It was time to go home and it started raining really badly and within seconds I was really wet. I couldn't walk in this rain and I couldn’t see where I was going until a car stopped next to me. Callum got out the car “Let me give you a drive home” I looked down and said “No, I’m fine” then he shot back at me “Look, I don’t want to get wet, please just get in.” He said while opening his car door. I sighed and got in. He was driving and he finally spoke “So, tell me a bit about yourself, Kristen” I looked up “hhh... there isn't much you need to know.” He looked at me raising an eyebrow “Look, no need to be moody,” I just looked towards the window and put my head on the cold glass window. “Do you live with your parents?” Callum asked me. “No, my parents died. And don’t ask me how. And I live with my uncle.” He looked at me like he should’ve never asked me the question. “I’m so sorry” then I looked up and told him “Stop the car please. I live over there.” I said pointing opposite me were there was a huge metal black gate. He had a questioning look “There?” and I looked at him and said “Yes there. And don’t you dare come near there.” 

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