Thursday, 1 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter V - Deceive me not [part5]
Written by Tadi

    “Jack get Alice back inside! NOW!” said Nathan. Jack grabbed my hand and started running back towards the church with Edith right behind us. Just as we got to the church the creature fell from the sky and landed right in front of us. I stumbled backwards and fell on my back. The creature reached for me but Edith used her magic just in time and burned its hand. Jack pulled me up and pushed me behind him. Nathan was in front of us in a second. He hit the creature with his sword and it sliced right through him, leaving no trace behind. A bullet flew right past my head and hit the creature. I turned around to find Faye with a gun in her hand. She smiled at me and ran forward. She jumped and fired several bullets before landing in front of us. Jack pulled me with him behind our jeep.
    “I need you to stay here” he said “don’t move.” He mumbled something else as he ran back to help them. I sat there feeling helpless. I needed to help them but I have no idea what to do and if I move I won’t hear the end of it from either Jack or worse, Nathan. I leaned over the jeep to see what was happening. All of them were struggling to keep up with it. Two more demons came running towards them from the forest to help. The first one was Phillipe and the second one I didn’t know, it was a short girl with long red hair pulled in to a low ponytail. Phillipe crashed in to the creature, lifting it up and throwing it to the other side. I watched Faye as she shot several more bullets to slow it down. Nathan ran to it and started swinging his sword around, he was so fast I couldn’t even keep my eyes on the sword. The creature hit Edith and sent her flying through the air landing hard on the floor. I gasped and the creature noticed me, it locked its eyes with mine and I quickly sat back down behind the jeep. I hit something hard and I moved to see what it was but I didn’t find anything; that’s when I remembered I was carrying a gun. It was nicely hidden under my top and behind my jeans. I pulled it out and ran to Edith. I shook her but she didn’t wake up, she must have hit herself hard and passed out. I heard a loud roar and turned around to see the creature running towards me. I stood up and aimed at it with my gun. My hands shook as I shot bullet after bullet. They all hit their target but it didn’t hurt him, just slowed him down. He was next to me in seconds and reached out to grab me but I was faster. I dodged under its hand and sprinted towards the church. It was right behind me and I heard Nathan yell as I ran in to the church. I went straight for the back and didn’t bother to look back. Suddenly it was right in front of me. Jack and Nathan came running inside with Faye and Edith, now back to normal, right behind them. It swung its hands at me and I dogged just in time. I lifted the gun and fired several bullets while walking backwards. I felt warm hands around my waist and the familiar tingles on my neck. Nathan pulled me back and pushed me behind him.
    “Now Edith” he yelled and she walked forward. She lifted her hand and started mumbling something, a curse, in a language I did not understand. The creature started screaming in agony. It was pulling its hands and legs in almost like a rope was forming around it and tying it down. She stopped talking and let out a harsh breath as she fell to her knees. I pushed myself away from Nathan to run to her and help her up. She could barely walk so I had to almost drag her out with me. We sat down on the grass outside as Nathan and Jack lit the church on fire. We watched it burn and listened to the agonizing screams of the creature.

Edith and Jack were sitting on the couch watching a movie on the TV and sharing a bowl of popcorn. He laughed at something she said and her cheeks turned red as she looked down. It was pretty obvious she felt something for him, but she was too afraid to admit it. It was really funny, she’s a witch and can fight a corrupted demon but she can’t tell a guy she likes him. Nathan walked over and leaned on the counter next to me.
    “Everything is ready” he looked at me and smiled “we leave tomorrow”. Going back to London gave me a hint of hope that everything will go back to normal. Now that the creature was dead for good there was nothing to be afraid of, nothing to run away from. But there was still this unsettling feeling in my stomach but I couldn’t figure out what for. I thought about going back to the hotel and trying to find Anna and Lacey but my life has changed now, I have changed. I can’t go live in the past, it’s time to move on and try to have a better life. I’m sure Anna and Lacey have found a way to be happy. Lacey is strong enough to take care of both of them and I left them enough money to survive. I need a fresh start away from all this, away from the demons and witches, away from everything abnormal. I looked at Nathan and I saw a pain in his eyes I’ve never seen before, he must have read my mind. I didn’t think about what it would be like to live without him and just the thought of it made me feel sick. I held his hand and smiled, he returned the smile but it didn’t reach his eyes. I knew he would do anything to protect me and to keep me but he would also do anything I wanted, anything that would make me happy. 

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