Thursday, 1 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter V - Deceive me not [part4]
Written by Tadi

    “I want you to be safe” he said while handing me a gun “I’m not saying you’ll have to use it, Jack and Edith will be with you the whole time, but just keep it. It’ll make me feel better.” I looked at the gun in my hands and nodded. We all got in to a jeep, Edith and I in the back, Jack in the front with Nathan driving. We drove through the forest down a dirty path. Nathan kept glancing in the mirror making sure I was okay. I was flattered by his worrying but I wasn’t some little girl that’s just going to break down crying at any little thing that happens. Granted this was not little, but still. He gave me a reassuring smile and focused on the road. We stopped in front of a beautiful old church and I couldn’t help but feel bad about burning it down. Edith and Jack both stood by my side as we walked in to the church. They guided me to the back and locked the doors.
    “Aren’t we going to help him?” I asked.
    “We have more people coming to help us, plus Faye and Phillipe were right behind us” said Edith “stop worrying.” I paced up and down the room wondering what was happening outside. They came up with a plan last night. We would all ride together to the church. Edith and Jack would hide with me at the back of the church. My smell should then lure the creature to the church and inside where Nathan, Faye and Phillipe would trap it and light the church on fire. Faye would then give us the sign and we would escape through the back door. Hopefully everything goes according to plan because we don’t have any back up plans, there’s not much else we could do. We need to burn down the church and kill the creature and we need to do it fast. After about thirty minutes of pacing around and listening to any sound of movement we heard banging on the door. I stopped walking and Jack stood up leaning forward in to a protective stance before me and Edith.
    “It’s me Jack, open up” said Nathan from the other side of the door. I was about to run to the door when he stopped me.
    “Prove it” said Jack.
    “Come on man, open up.” Jack stood there unsure of what to do. Nathan told Jack to never open the door to anyone, no matter what happens he cannot open the door until we get the sign from Faye.
    “Open up already you idiot” said Faye now banging hard on the door. Jack straightened up and walked to the door, he moved the hatch and opened it.
    “Sorry man, had to make sure.” Nathan nodded to him and walked in. He looked at me and gave me a weak smile. He then turned to Edith.
    “Can you feel it anywhere around? Smell it maybe?” He asked. Edith stood up and walked outside. She walked a little further away from the church and we followed. She stopped and lifted her hands. She brought them together and leaned her head backwards. We all just stared at her, no one had a single clue of what she was doing. Her hair started flowing around as if the wind was blowing. She suddenly turned around and looked at us in shock.
    “It’s here!” she yelled.

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