Wednesday, 21 August 2013


“Wait, Kristen!” I could hear Callum walking towards me but I still carried on walking. “Look Callum, I really appreciate you taking me home but I really mean it. Just go away.” I walked towards the big metal gate and closed it behind me. “Why can’t I come in? Can’t we at least be friends?” I walked to my house and I could no longer hear his footsteps.It hurt so much having to ignore him. I walked in my huge house and chucked my bag onto the sofa. And ran upstairs into my room and threw myself onto my bed and said to myself “it’s been a busy, busy day” and took a deep breath. I then sat up and stared out the window. I was admiring the view until I saw Callum creeping through the gates. “Oh no! No, no, no, no!” I muttered to myself and ran down the stairs and heard a knock on the door. “Hello?  Kristen, I know you’re in here.” I stood behind the sofa and crouched down enough so he wouldn't see me. I put myfingertips on my forehead and closed my eyes. The door opened. I was still hiding and I could hear his footsteps walk closer to me and I was afraid he’d notice me. I thought that if I let him in, he’d get to know that I’m not here and go. Then he said “wow...this place is amazing and huge...” he walked around looking for me and I didn't dare to breathe but luckily he gave up and as soon as he took a step out, I used my mind control to close the door as quick as possible. I started to learn how to control my powers better. I can’t love anyone if I have a curse locked on my 17th birthday. I’m 16 though. I don’t want to harm him.
 I took a deep breath and was so relieved that he was gone. I stood up and saw my uncle standing behind me. I nearly fell over the sofa because I got scared but just in time he grabbed my arm and got me up just in time“What did I tell you about inviting guests? You’re lucky he didn’t see you.” He looked furiously at me. “But uncle, why can’t I at least have friends? How did mum and dad really die?  Why is it you can’t tell me?” My eyes started to water. “Look sweetie, it’s for your own good.” He said while patting my shoulder.”I don’t want to be alone with you all my life!” and I ran up the stairs and started crying.  It’s going to be hard rejecting everyone at school. Especially Callum.
Today was a sunny day but still the class made my day gloom. “I’ve heard she has a weird family Lola” said Brenda “yeah me too” My anger was growing and growing. I clenched my fists tightly under my desk. “I’ve also heard her mother killed her father.” I clenched my fists even tighter then suddenly their desks broke right beneath their eyes and it shattered into a million tiny pieces which was showing what feelings were going on inside me. Their mouths fell open in surprise. “Sir! See? It was her! She’s a weirdo! “Brenda start shouting towards our teacher. But the teacher was too busy calling people to come clear the mess than listen to her. Callum was by my side instantly. “I know it wasn’t you who done that. They’re just haters.” Then Brenda shouted “Callum! Move away from that weirdo!” then he instantly shot back at her “Shut up Brenda! All you do is hate! Haven’t you got a heart? You need to think about others sometimes. We’re over.” She started breathing hard trying to keep in her tears and just walked away. I was speechless at how it was over with a click.  And it was my entire fault. I just walked away and ignored any noises and headed for the door.

I walked outside the school building and just sat on a school bench that seemed old. Suddenly all the noises faded and all I could hear was the wind blowing hard on me. I looked up with the hard breeze blowing on my face making the tear that drizzled down my face fade away. I stood up and walked slowly not knowing where I was heading for. I wasn't looking ahead and I suddenly tripped over a small rock and I fell straight towards may face with my hands landing straight forward and I was on the ground with my hair covering my face. I pushed my hair out of my face and say 2 black shoes covered in a long black cloak. I got up instantly and realized it was a demon. His eyes met mine, the bright red eyes, showing fire and really strong emotion and I tried to take my eyes away but I was already being controlled. My heart was thumping inside and I was scared at the fact I couldn't move. Then I heard someone scream my name and it was getting louder and closer. Callums voice rang in my head and as soon gas he grabbed me I heard a sudden hiss and the demon was gone. They don’t like humans, in fact, they can’t stand up to them when they know I have a strong power inside me and that explains why they’re trying to kill me. And I started to focus again and I looked at him and I couldn’t say a word and the fact that he didn’t know he saved my life was unbelievable. “What are you doing staring at the sky and ignoring me? I screamed your name like so many times!” I smiled then realised I can’t be friends with him and that hurt me so much. “Oh, sorry, I have to go.” And as I turned around this time, he wouldn’t let me go. “Listen, please, all I’m asking for is one dinner, and then if you want, you don’t have to see me again.” I looked side to side and said “But...” and he put his delicate finger on my lips “shh.. Nothing bad will happen, just one night. Today, 8:00pm okay?” I sighed “fine.” Besides, one dinner won’t hurt. Right?

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