Friday, 23 August 2013


For the first time of my life I ran into my room with a smile in my face.  I couldn’t stop twirling my finger around my hair. My heart thumped a hundred times faster thinking about Callum. Finally I get to have someone I can talk to. And then the thought of not being able to not be friends ran across my mind and my blood rushed through my body and had changed my mood into miserable again. But I muttered to myself “Today is going to be one of the best days of your life.” And I took a deep breath while smiling and walked down the curly long steps to the living room.
I sat at the white soft couch opposite the plasma while taking quick glances at the clock every now and then. My uncle soon came in and sat next to me and I had to get an excuse to be able to go out the house. He looked at me as if he could read my mind. “What’s up, Kristen, You seem different today, is there anything you want to tell me?” I looked at him and the only thing that came out was “well, there’s a school party and uuhhh... can I go?” He looked at me in shock a little “I hate it when schools do these stupid stuff, you know how dangerous it can be for you to go..” I carried on his sentence “..out and make friends. Yes I do, but not exactly why! Look, I’ll go out 7:30 and it will be enough for me to get to the party at 8:00 and I’ll be home at 10:00?” he sighed at me “please uncle, it’s all I’ll ever ask for, I feel like I'm treated as a child, I'm 16 now. It feels like a prison here.” He nodded his head “Fine, it’s 5:00 now, go get ready, or shall I ask Maya to come help you choose an outfit?” My heart was flying with excitement and I couldn’t even concentrate “No it’s okay, Maya must be busy with stuff anyway” and then I ran up the stairs as fast as I possibly could and walked in my room locking the door behind me.
I walked down the stairs slowly wearing a tight black mini dress, just above my knees which really brought out my figure and I wore black platforms with my blonde hair straightened let open loosely. And for makeup, I had black pencil eyeliner and black liquid eyeliner and I wore my false lashes with light pink lipstick. I had been saving this look for the perfect day. My Uncle raised both his eyebrows and his jaws fell open “Oh my, oh my, you look beautiful darling!” I looked at him and smiled and I was too excited to reply.

I got there just in time and he was already there waiting. He looked at me full of surprise and I looked at him the same way since he looked more handsome than I imagined and he led me towards him and whispered really close to me “You look beautiful today” I stepped away and sat at the table and said “Thanks, you look charming too I must say” I could feel butterflies in my stomach which made me really nervous. The table we sat at was quite small, more like a table for two with a large white cloth and we had glass cups and a plate, fork and knife in front of us and then we had a small bowl with a spoon next to it.  Our table number had “55” on it and I looked at my palm then out of nowhere, the same number appeared in black ink. I realised that’s how much days I have till my birthday. “Are you okay?” I looked up and replied “yeah, it’s just, our table number shows the days left for my birthday.” He laughed “you count how much days you have?” I sighed and replied “Look, it’s not funny, you wouldn’t understand.” Then a man came and handed us our menus and asked us what we’d like to order.  Callum sat up in straight and said “Can I have a salad sandwich and a glass of water?” the man noted it down and smiled “sure, and you Madame?” I took one last look at the menu and said “I’ll order the same thing please” He looked at Callum and said “So that’s two salad sandwiches and two glasses of water?” Callum nodded.

Minutes later our food arrived and we were eating and chatting away and we were enjoying ourselves and I didn’t notice how fast time had gone. He told me a lot about his life and it got to a point where I knew he would ask about my life. And sure enough he did. “Soo, tell me a bit about you” he said while stroking his fingers through his thick shiny hair. “There’s not much to tell really.” I looked down at my phone to check the time and it was already 9:30 and it would take me at least 20 minutes to get home. I stood up and said “sorry, I have to go, how much was the meal for? I’ll quickly pay.” He got up and stopped me. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay. Besides, I did invite you here.” I smiled at him while starring at his super attractive eyes. “Okay, but I have to go, I have to say, it was really fun, bye!” and as soon as I started to walk away his hand grabbed my arm and twirled me to face him. He held my hips and pulled me closer. His nose was touching mine and I couldn’t speak. We were staring at each other eye and eye in complete silence. He pressed his soft warm lips on mine and straight away I pushed away “What are you doing?” he looked up and said in a quite high voice “Is it that I’m not as rich as you? What’s it about me you hate? You’ve been running on my mind all day yet you don’t care.” I was shaking my head side to side in surprise. “You think it’s about the money? I don’t care about the money, you really shouldn’t have said that.” I said and start running while endless tears kept coming out. 

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