Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I sat in the classroom in silence ignoring anyone and everyone. Callum kept trying to talk to me but I kept ignoring. I couldn’t focus in class and I had too much thoughts going around in my head. “Kristen? Are you listening? Please answer this question on the board.” I looked at the teacher and his face started to blur in my eyes. I put my hand on my head and stood up “sir, can I go to the toilet? I have a huge headache. I feel dizzy.” He looked at me and said “Okay but you can’t go alone since you’re dizzy. Callum, go with her.” My eyes shot open “NO! No I can go alone” he tilted his head towards Callum telling him to go with me completely ignoring what I said. Callum stood up slowly while the class was staring in silence. I rushed out the classroom trying to ignore any contact with Callum. But he was next to me instantly, I walked faster and so did he. “Look, slow down. I’m sorry.” I sat on the bench next to the toilets alone trying to not listen to what he was saying.   I tear slowly raced down my cheek leaving a tiny trail behind it and then I felt a hand wiping it away. “Umm... did you take a pill before you slept?”                                                                      “Who said I slept yesterday?” He looked down and started speaking. “Look, I’m sorry” he paused for a moment then sighed and carried on “You can ignore me all you want but, I want you to know that I admit what I said was wrong. Can’t you at least look at me? No?” he put his hand on my face and twisted it so I was looking at him. I wanted to know what he was exactly feeling. Was he tricking me again? Or just needed to apologise? I stared into his eyes and looked at the sparkles in his eyes. I focused hard but nothing happened, I took a deep breath and tried again. This time the sparkles in his eyes were in my control and I used my eyes to move them above his head. The gold sparkles made a shape of a heart and I couldn’t resist but smile to myself. The sparkles then turned from a heart to a confused look. I looked down at Callum and he had the same confused expression on his face.  “Are you even listening to me, Kristen?” I tried to focus on what he was saying but my gaze was taken away with these sparkles. Then he said “So you forgive me? Is that a yes?” I just nodded without hearing what he said exactly and got an unexpected hug which made my eyes open in shock and then I saw the sparkles surround is in little twirls, so I just hugged him back.
We got back in class and I sat down where Callum was behind me. He leaned towards my ear and whispered ‘Once again, I’m sorry, Beautiful”. I couldn’t help but smile. I saw Brenda walk towards us and I just rolled my eyes looked away not wanting to even look at her. She stood next to Callums desk and said “Hey, Callum, I just wanted to say that even though we broke up, can we at least be friends?” He looked up at her and just laughed “yeah sure whatever” She smiled in an awkward way and just walked away.

I went for my lunch and walked outside and sat at an empty table. I grumpily threw my bag under the table and sighed while sitting down. I grabbed my fork and dug into my chips and beans. As I took a bite to my hot chips, I heard someone sit next to me. "oh hey, Callum"                                                                           "Oh, I'm not Callum, I'm Veronica." said the sweetest and most innocent voice I've ever heard. I looked to my right and saw a young girl, very pale, and very clear skin with the lightest green eyes and long blonde absolutely straight hair. She was beautiful, it was almost unbelievable. "Oh, umm, sorry, why do you want to talk to me?"                                                                                                                                              "well, those people are pretty mean to you"                                                                                              "well, yes, yes they are and what exactly do you want? I mean, it's not likely for someone to talk to me."        "Well umm, I wanted to say that I can help you." I raised an eyebrow in a question. "oh, oh sorry, I forgot to say it but, umm, I know your secret. But don't worry, no one will find out!" I  looked at her and realized my mouth had fell open. I put down my fork and turned to face her.                                                              "look, I know you're a little surprised but, I really can help you" she looked at me and kept taking quick glances as if she were in a hurry. She carried on speaking "well, I really need to go so ummm, here, take this." She placed a silver plaited bracelet with a beautiful huge turquoise stone in my hand and closed my hands over it before I could take a closer look "Wear it, and never take it off, I'll explain later on, bye!"    "Oh, err bye!" and in a flash, she was gone. I opened my arm and held the bracelet up high so the sun would shine on it and reveal it's beauty. All the little sparks inside it were beautiful. It was obviously valuable. But why did I need to wear it? Maybe it's for my own good. I placed it on my wrist. It was so comfortable. I then went back to finishing my lunch. 

In science, we were doing chemistry and it was a task in pairs. Callum got up and went to grab 2 goggles and sat next to me. He held his hand out and handed me goggles.                                                             “Thanks Callum”                                                                                                                               “anything for a lady like you” we both paused then laughed. In our science lab, the room was all white with colourful posters and scientific stuff and on one of the walls, there was a huge poster with the periodic table. We had long tables and stools. My terrible head ache came back and this made focusing even harder than before. I shut my eyes and put my hand on my forehead. “Are you okay?” I opened my eyes and nodded to Callum. He had a concerned look on his face. “Here, take a seat and I’ll do the experiment.”                         “No, no I want to help, I love experiments”. This felt weird since I’ve never had a head ache like this. I felt really weak, like it wasn’t only a headache, as if someone did something to me to make me feel this way.
We had to mix chemicals and test the colours and stuff. “This stuff is too easy. I mean, it’s obvious this mixture is an Alkali.”                                                                                                                                  “I definitely agree Callum, okay I’ll pour in the next chemical.”  I held up the tube with the chemical inside and suddenly, my arm start shaking and I couldn’t stop and when I tilted the tube, the chemical was getting poured everywhere and Callum grabbed the tube out of my hands and grabbed my arms and he stared at me “look, what’s wrong? There’s something wrong, don’t worry, I’ll be with you.” I tried to smile but I couldn’t and I just started crying silently and when I sat down, Callum called a teacher while clearing the mess I had made and the teacher handed me a glass of water and told me to stay out the experiment.

It was after school and I start walking home alone and something didn’t seem right. It was like the bracelet was causing all my problems today. I looked down at my bracelet then I slowly turned my head to look back and saw nothing. I was walking at a slow pace and the wind started blowing hard and it started to creep me out. Then I started to hear slow footsteps walking at my same pace. I stood still trying to focus at what was going on without looking back. No sound of footsteps. This time I walked even slower and the footsteps were back. I walked faster and the feet got faster. I walked slower and so did the feet. I had enough and stopped walking but this time, the feet didn’t stop and I turned around with my heart thumping fast and before I could see anything, I just screamed and before I knew it, I was dragged into the darkness.

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