Tuesday, 27 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter IX - The past [part5]
Written by Tadi

    “Finally” said Edith as I came back to reality.
    “I saw my father, how he died” I said without opening my eyes.
    “So now you know” she said and I nodded.
    “Do you know what he was?” I said and opened my eyes to look at her. He clearly wasn’t human. No human can move as fast as he did and be as strong. Maybe he was like Nathan, a demon.
     “A vampire” she said.
     “What?” I said confused. “But he looked nothing like the vampires that killed him.”
     “Vampires change as they age. They can stay longer in the sun, their eye colour changes and they become stronger. At first their eyes are bloody red, really bright and over the years as they mature it changes back to their natural eye colour. Some vampires have trouble keeping their strength, so when they get older they weaken. When they’re young they can’t take the sun and have to stay covered at all times, even a small exposure can damage them.” That’s why one of the vampires had burned hands, because when he reached for my father they were exposed to the sun. The other one was wearing gloves, so he was safe.

I was sitting in the little house when I heard loud noises. I walked outside and at the big guarded door I could see Nathan and Jack and a bunch of fairies struggling to get it closed. I ran and when I came to them they finally managed to get them closed. I looked at Nathan and he looked horrible, his hair was messy, he had cuts on his arms and face, his t-shirt was ripped and when he walked towards me he tripped and would have fallen flat on his face if I hadn’t caught him just in time.
    “Are you okay?”
    “I’m fine” he said and smiled weakly.
    “I’m fine too, thanks for asking” said Jack and rolled his eyes. Edith came and helped Jack. He said he was fine and tried to be all heroic by walking but he soon lost his balance and fell down. We all tried our hardest not to laugh as he tried standing up. He finally gave in and let Edith help him and we all sat down on a bench.
    “Where were you guys?”
    “We went to get you a present and decided to make a stop in hell on our way back” said Jack.
    “It’s your birthday” said Edith.
    “I don’t celebrate my birthday.”
    “Well you do now” said Jack and handed me a small box wrapped neatly in paper with a big bow on the top. I held it and turned it around before pulling of the bow and slowly unwrapping it.
    “Oh come on” said Jack and took it from my hands, tearing of the paper and throwing the gift back to me. He got me an iPhone. I looked at him and he smiled, I threw my hands around him and hugged him tight. It was perfect.
    “I’m next” said Edith handing me two bags. I raised my eyebrow as I took them from her and looked inside. The bags were full of new clothes, bras and underwear; just what I needed. I looked at Nathan but he didn’t have anything to give me. Honestly I was a little disappointed but I reminded myself that I didn’t even want to celebrate my birthday and he probably knew that. He smiled and offered me his hand. Grabbing the gifts from Edith and Jack I let him guide me back to our little house. I sat on the bed and he stood in front of me.
    “Close your eyes.”
    “Just do it” he said and waited. I peered at him before smiling and doing what he said. I heard him walk around the bed and open a drawer. He walked back and sat down next to me. He pushed my hair back and put something around my neck. He held my hand and pulled me up. We walked to another room and he told me to open my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes and gasped as I saw the beautiful necklace around my neck in the mirror. It was a silver necklace with a small stone pendant. The stone was purple and round.
     “It’s perfect” is all I could say.
     “It was my grandmothers.” I turned around to look at him.
     “I can’t take it.”
     “Yes, you can” he said “when I was still human, over a hundred years ago, she gave it to me and told me to give it to someone I love and care about. A witch gave it to her, it’s supposed to protect you from evil.” I put my hand around his neck and pulling him closer, kissed him softly. It was the most amazing gift I could have imagined getting. He pulled me up and twirled me around. I laughed as we fell on the bed.
    “You need to sleep” I said and touched the scar on his shoulder.
    “I don’t need sleep.”
    “But you need to rest so you can heal.” He insisted that he didn’t need to sleep but in the end I won and he fell asleep in my arms. I ran my fingers through his hair as I thought about my parents. I needed to find the vampires that killed my father but I knew Nathan would never let me go. I need to do it alone. I shouldn’t bring them in to all of this, it’s my battle and I need to fight it alone.

I walked outside in to the cold night. I stuffed my new phone in to my pocket and walked away from the house. I packed a few stuff in my backpack before I left. It felt wrong leaving them all behind and I already felt a discomforting feeling in my stomach but I kept walking. I walked up to the jeep and unlocked it with the key I took from Nathan. I’ve never drove a car before but I’ve seen other people do it so it shouldn’t be that hard. Sitting behind the wheel and throwing my backpack on the passenger’s seat I pushed the key in to the ignition and it roared to life. I switched the gear in to reverse and pushed the gas pedal and the car moved. I turned the wheel and slowed down, turning the jeep around and driving away. I left a note on the table saying that I’ll leave it at the train station so they can come pick it up but they can’t follow me, I need to do what I need to do on my own. 

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