Saturday, 24 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter IX - The past [part2]
Written by Tadi

I was standing in the middle of a street, everything was black and white and it was like looking at a picture. Everything was quiet and peaceful. There was no one around so I walked slowly down the street. I saw a woman walking in the distance and I started running towards her. As I came closer I could see her red hair shining in the morning sun and I noticed she was pregnant. The closer I got the more familiar she felt. She kept glancing over her shoulder, making sure no one was watching or following her. I was now only a few steps away from her and when she finally looked my way I saw it, it was unmistakable, she was my mother. A tear slid down my face as I watched her, seeing her for the first time, feeling her love for me, her protectiveness of the child she will never see. I followed her, knowing she couldn’t see me, all the way to the forest. We came to a clearing, why does every forest have a clearing? It seems to be the perfect spot for people to meet. A tall man dressed in dark was standing in the middle, relaxed and waiting with a smile on his face.
    “Mary” he said “how lovely to see you again.” He watched her every move. His dark long hair was blown around by the wind.
    “Viktor” she said carefully. He smiled brightly at the sound of her voice. He was really scary, the way he moved closer to her, the way his eyes looked over her body, even the way he spoke.
    “I heard you wanted to see me” he said.
    “I want to make a deal.” He tilted his head slightly in interest.
    “A deal?”
    “Yes” she said and raised her head up “I want you to promise to leave my child alone when it’s born.” He smiled and his eyes shined in the sun.
    “In exchange for what?”
    “My life” she said. He laughed loudly and walked closer to her. With his dirty hand he touched her cheek.
    “What an interesting offer, but I must decline” he said and turned around. He walked away from her but stopped when she called his name.
    “Please” she said “I’ll do anything.” His wide smile was the last thing I saw before I was pulled away and the picture started to faint. I tried fighting it but it was no use. In a second my mother was gone and I was pulled back to reality. I opened my eyes slowly to find Edith looking at me, still holding my hand.
    “What did you see?” she said.
    “You don’t know?”
    “No” she said “I can’t decide which moment of the past to show you, it’s just chosen.”
    “By who?” I asked.
    “I don’t know” is all she said. I looked at the fairies flying around, doing what they always do and not noticing us at all. I went through everything I saw again in my head. She wanted to protect me, to make sure I wouldn’t be harmed. She gave up her life for mine, so she must have known I would be different. Which must mean she wasn’t normal either. But what was she then, and where was my father? 

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