Saturday, 24 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter IX - The past [part3]
Written by Tadi

    “I can show you more” said Edith. I looked at her with a smile and she offered me her hand once again. The sensation of being pulled to another time felt different now that I’ve already experienced it.
I opened my eyes and an old house stood before me. Everything was still black and white but the sun wasn’t shining. It was dark and foggy and rain was pouring over me but I didn’t care. I was focused on the younger girl walking on the sidewalk. She hid under her umbrella, her steps were graceful and it was like she was dancing in the rain. She looked around before turning right at the house and walking behind it, I followed her. She stopped and looked around again before pulling apart a bush with her hands and stepping through it. I hesitated for a second but then followed. I tried touching the bush but my hands went straight through it, like a ghost. I took a deep breath and stepped through the bush. On the other side was a door, I stepped through it. I was now in small room with nothing but stairs leading down. I heard movement at the bottom so I walked down. A room appeared in front of me, I saw the girl walk to the centre where five other people were sitting on the floor. They were chatting about something until she interrupted them. I walked closer to have a better look at her and realised it was my mother, Mary. She was much younger than before, around my age.
    “We shouldn’t be doing this” said a girl with short hair.
    “Don’t be such a coward, Lily” said the girl next to her with slightly longer hair. My mother watched them as they yelled and insulted each other. After a while she finally spoke.
    “Stop it, all of you” she said “we all agreed we’d do this, so let’s do it.” Everyone nodded and she sat down. The boy with short hair swept to the side lit the candles in the middle and they all held hands.
    “From air to water to earth, give us fire, give us fire” said Mary and everyone repeated after her. They kept chanting until the small flame on the candle in the middle exploded and a huge fire appeared. Lily gasped and let go of the other girl’s hand, causing the fire to disappear.
    “What did you do?” yelled the girl.
    “Calm down, Victoria” said Mary. I saw the rage in Victoria’s eyes, she was intoxicated with the power, and she would do anything to have it. They all tried to calm down Lily as Victoria kept yelling.
    “Shut up” said the tall guy “someone’s coming.” They threw away the candles and hid just as someone opened the door on the other side of the room. I had to put a hand over my eyes because someone pointed a flashlight directly at me. When they turned and the beam travelled to the other side of the room I could finally see again. It was an older man, wearing a police uniform. He walked around the room, listening to any sound of movement and when he was convinced no one was there, he walked back outside and closed the door behind him. I felt a pull and the next second I was looking at Edith.

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