Sunday, 11 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter VII - The magical world [part2]
Written by Tadi 

“We need to do something about Asmoday” said Nathan now looking at Jack. Jack nodded and pulled out an old looking book.
    “I’ve been doing some research and found this” he handed it to Nathan and he flipped through it “fairies”. Nathan looked up from the pages and lifted his eyebrows in question.
    “Yeah, yeah I know but the book says they know a lot about demons, stuff even we don’t know and I heard that Grace, their leader used to be Asmoday’s mistress.” I kept looking at them in shock. Demons and witches I get but fairies, not so much. How exactly is a small flying creature supposed to be with a demon? Nathan placed the book in front of me and pointed to the picture of a beautiful creature with big brown eyes, long fiery red hair and mesmerising wings.
    “Fairies are just as big as us” he said and pointed to the picture again “that’s Grace, their leader or as she prefers it, queen.” I stared at the picture, she was absolutely stunning.
     “So where do they live” I asked.
     “They live in the Prairie Ash woods” he turned the page and pointed at another picture. This one was of a village in the middle of a forest. The houses were small but very beautiful, I half expected them to live up in the trees somewhere but they were firmly on the ground.
     “They live like that so in case anyone stumbled upon them, they’d think it’s just an ordinary village” explained Nathan.
     “But wouldn’t the wings kind of give them away?”
     “Fairies can easily hide their wings from humans” said Jack. They kept talking as I finished my plate of eggs and bacon. It was insane to live in a world of magical creatures. Some people don’t even realise what’s lurking in the darkness at night but I guess it’s safer like that, to not know what a scary world they live in. Edith said I had this power inside of me, what if it makes me bad, what if I hurt people with it? What if I’m the bad guy? Nathan looked at me and raised his eyebrow, I rolled my eyes and looked at my plate. I always forget he can read minds and it’s starting to get really annoying. It’s not fair that he knows what I’m thinking at any time and I never know what’s going on in his head. 
    “So when do we leave?”
    “I’ll book us a flight as soon as possible” said Jack and walked out.
    “They live in Italy” said Nathan and winked before getting up to clean the dishes.

I stepped of the plane in to a whole new atmosphere. I smiled as Edith walked up to me and hugged me tight.
    “What are you doing here?” I said looking her over. Her hair was much shorter and she wore a cute skirt with an ‘I love Italy’ top which made me laugh.
     “What, don’t you want me around?” she said with a big smile. Her eyes soon drifted over my shoulder as Jack walked of the plane. They exchanged a look I couldn’t quite understand. She grabbed my hand and guided me to the door. I glanced over my shoulder to see Nathan smiling and carrying our luggage behind us. I don’t understand why we bring so much stuff, it’s not like we’re staying for long. I heard a voice in my head and I stopped.
    “Did you say something?” I said turning to look at Edith.
    “No, why?”
    “I must have imagined it” I said and started walking again. We walked through the door and out of the airport. Outside a car was waiting for us, a dirty brown jeep. We all got in the back and Nathan took the seat in the front next to a woman with pixie cut white hair and green eyes. She looked odd but beautiful, stunning actually.

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