Friday, 16 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter VII - The magical world [part3]
Written by Tadi

    “She’s a fairy” whispered Jack in my ear and I kept staring at her. Are all of them so beautiful? I saw Nathan nod slightly in the front and I narrowed my eyes at him. He has to stop doing that, it’s so annoying.
We drove on a bumpy road through a town full of flowers and trees, the smells were amazing. People walked by and kids waved at us and we waved back laughing. We arrived at a beautiful small village called Oak’s Edge and we took a left turn to a small road leading to a forest. From afar it looked like it had no entrance but the closer you got the bigger and wider it got. After driving for a while we finally arrived at the fairy village. We got out of the jeep and a smaller fairy came skipping towards us.
    “Welcome to our home” she said and waved her hand to show us the way. She had long black hair that reached her thighs and bright white eyes. Her wings were small and pointy, they were transparent with a hint of pink colour. She flew around us as we walked down the path towards the big, castle looking house. We knocked on the door and waited but no one answered.
     “She’s in the park” said another fairy walking by. Her hair was pink and her wings were bigger, like a butterfly’s. We walked up to the park full of fairies, flying around, playing, laughing and chatting. A fairy with blue hair flew past us and her eyes met mine. She stopped and stared at me, I blushed and looked away feeling uncomfortable under her stare.
     “Don’t stare” said someone with a harsh tone and I looked up. It was the one from the picture, Grace or The queen, as they call her. Her red hair touched the floor as she walked, it was slightly wavy. She looked me over with her shiny brown eyes and smiled. I couldn’t help but stare at her, her beauty was unbelievable. Nathan grabbed my hand and pulled me after him. He guided me behind a bush and looked me in the eyes.
     “Don’t let her get to you” he said.
     “What do you mean?”
     “Fairies are very seductive creatures, their beauty is their power. They can make you do anything just by looking at them. Don’t look her directly in the eyes and you should be good.” I nodded and we walked back to them. She looked at me again but this time I didn’t meet her stare and kept my eyes on her hair instead. It really did help but it was still hard to resist looking at her. We sat on the bench in the park and Nathan started asking questions.
     “What can you tell us about Asmoday?” She raised her eyebrow at him and he rolled his eyes.
     “I’m not going to call you Queen so just drop it” he said and she replied with a sigh.
     “Many years ago, when I was still young I met a boy named Asmoday. I didn’t know what or who he was then, so I fell in love with him. He was a different man then or he was just a good actor. Either way, we had something special. We were amazing together, the power we had could destroy the whole world. As our power grew so did his hunger for it. He stole most of my magic, that’s why he’s as strong as he is” she looked away from us as a tear slid down her cheek “I want you to destroy him and I want my power back.” Nathan put his hand over hers.
     “How do we kill him?”
     “The only way to destroy him is to take away his power and then stab him with a stick from the fairy tree right through his heart.” She whispered something to the fairy with black hair and then stood up and left. 

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