Sunday, 18 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter VII - The magical world [part5]
Written by Tadi

“Shadow people” said Grace flying up and towards a fairy struggling in the grasp of the dark figure. I looked at Nathan and he pulled me to the side, behind a tree. We saw Jack and Edith running towards us from the other side of the park.   
    “Here” said Jack throwing me a spear.
    “She’s not fighting” said Nathan and tried taking the spear from me. I avoided his hand and ran towards one of the shadows. I twirled and hit it, the spear flew right through it and the shadow broke leaving a black smoke behind.
    “That was easy” I said running to help a fairy. I jumped up in the air, turning my spear and landing right through the shadow. I looked around for Nathan. He was on the other side twisting his sword around, slicing the shadows as if it was nothing. They seemed to come out of nowhere and there were hundreds. I ducked as one swung its hand towards me and bringing my spear around, I hit its legs and watched the smoke slowly disappearing in to oblivion. I heard Edith scream and turned around to find her. She was on the ground next to a tree with a shadow in front of her. I threw my spear and it flew directly through its head landing in the tree above Edith. She looked at me with her mouth open and I ran to get my spear back but something grabbed my waist and I was pulled back. Black hands came around me and my vision started getting dark. I was losing focus and it became hard to breathe. My head started spinning and I was about to pass out when I heard someone call my name. Nathans voice rang in my ears and suddenly I could see again. I pushed myself away and ran to the tree, pulling the spear out and twisting around, sticking it right through the shadows chest. I looked in its eyes as it was ripped in half and slowly turned in to smoke letting the wind blow it away. I fell on my knees and took deep breaths. I looked up and saw Grace twisting her spear gracefully, her steps were perfection. She flew over the shadow, landing behind it and twisting around, hitting it with the spear through its chest. The park was full of black smoke and as Nathan sliced the last shadow with his sword the sky started to clear and the wind blew the smoke away, clearing any sign of violence.

We watched the fairies going back to their everyday routines while we sat on the grass relaxing in the shade of a tree.
    “What were they?” I asked while watching a fairy with golden hair and matching wings moving leafs with her magic. She danced around as they flew behind her.
    “Shadow people.” He held my hand and continued “when people die their body dies and their soul moves on but their shadow stays behind to roam the Earth. Usually they are harmless but these were some bad shadows. I’m pretty sure they were told to do this by someone.”
    “Asmoday” I said. Nathan nodded absently. I looked at Jack and Edith helping the fairies, they were laughing and playing around with sticks. I smiled and leaned my head on Nathans shoulder. 

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