Friday, 23 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter VIII - Powers [part2]
Written by Tadi

    “You can come in, Alice” said Rowena and threw Edith a piercing look before turning around and walking away from the door. I looked at Edith and she nodded so I took a step forward and slowly stepped through the door. This time I could step through it freely, there was nothing holding me back. I gave Edith a questioning look but she just walked after Rowena, without saying a word. I sighed and followed them.
I walked in to a room full of witch stuff, in the middle of the room was a large black cauldron, at the wall there was a long table with candles, bottles with different kinds of herbs, a shelf full of old books and other stuff I didn’t recognize. A lot of the stuff I’ve seen in Edith’s house but there was a lot she didn’t have. Rowena stood at the table with her back turned to me and fiddled with some of the bottles on the shelves. Edith stood next to me and was quiet, she didn’t even look at me.
    “You could have told us” said Rowena. I though she was talking to Edith so I stayed quiet, but as Edith said nothing I realised it was meant for me.
    “Told you what?” She turned around and looked at me with her black eyes. She wasn’t anything like Edith. She was old and looked exactly how you’d imagined a witch to look. Her grey hair was long and braided.
    “Don’t act stupid with me girly” she said with a high-pitched voice and walked closer. I took a few steps back and opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. Edith stepped aside, without looking at me.
    “You’re a vampire” said Rowena in a low growl.
    “What?” I said, almost yelling.
    “That’s why you couldn’t come through the door. Vampires need permission to enter a witch’s house” said Edith.
    “I am not a vampire” I said, more to myself. Am I? They say I have this power, I might as well be a vampire. And what if I am? What does that mean?
    “Her father was killed by a vampire, maybe he got to her too” said Rowena.
    “What?” I said, looking from Rowena to Edith “you knew my father?” She looked at me before turning to look at Edith.
    “You haven’t showed her yet?”
    “Showed me what?” I said and they both looked at me then at each other again.
    “It hasn’t come up yet” said Edith.
    “What are you talking about” I said louder. They were keeping something from me, something about my father and I needed to know what desperately. Since I’ve escaped the orphanage my only mission was to find out what happened to my parents but things kept happening and I’ve forgotten about it.
    “But how do you explain her weird power, I’ve never seen a vampire like that” said Edith. Rowena looked at me and walked closer. She extended her hand and waited. I looked over her shoulder to see Edith nod before putting my hand in hers. She closed her eyes and murmured something. I felt light tingles spreading from my fingers up my arm and to my chest and then expanding through my whole body. I closed my eyes as the tingles changed in to a burning sensation. Suddenly my chest started burning as if it was on fire. I opened my eyes and pulled my hand from her grip. I couldn’t read the expression on her face as she slowly opened her eyes to look at me. She opened her mouth but said nothing. I looked at Edith for help but she just stood there as confused as me. Rowena took a few steps back and sat on a chair, she looked as if all of her energy was pulled from her. 

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