Friday, 23 August 2013

unknown magic
Chapter VIII - Powers [part3]
Written by Tadi

    “What is it?” I asked and stepped forward. She took a deep breath and looked at me, then at Edith and back at me.
    “You’re special” she said finally “you’re not a vampire, you’re more than that, much more.”
    “What do you mean?” I said, confused.
    “Your power” she paused “is big, a kind of power that doesn’t come along very often. You’re not a vampire or a witch or a demon, you’re everything.” I raised my eyebrow and Edith gasped in shock.
    “I’m everything?”
    “You’re a little bit of everything, you’re a special kind of creature. There’s no name for your kind, simply because there are not enough of you to name. In my whole life I’ve only met two, there might be a few more than that in the whole world but that’s it. We call you mixbreeds.” I lifted my hand and looked at them. How is this even possible? A few days ago I was just me, just a girl, human. Now I’m this weird thing with powers and they don’t even have a real name for what I am. I started breathing heavily. It can’t be true, it’s not real. Rowena placed her hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes.
    “You’re special” she said again “there are both a good and a bad side to this. You’re power is impeccable, incredible and you will be more powerful than any other creature you know but and this is a huge but, some will try to steal your power. There are demons, like Asmoday, that have a hunger much greater than any other and they will do anything to get what they want. You may be able to protect yourself but you are never safe so stay close to your friends, let them help you and never, even let your power take over you. Always be stronger than your power.”

We were driving back on the same road, listening to the same music but I felt different, I felt more powerful just by knowing about what I am, what my power is. We arrived back at the fairy village and I could see Jack and Nathan just standing there, waiting for us but I couldn’t face them, I needed to be alone. We got out of the car and walked towards them. Nathan smiled down at me and offered me his hand but I just walked past them. I could hear Edith behind me telling him not to follow, to just let me go. I walked through the park and down the path leading to the forest on the other side. It was starting to get darker but I kept walking. I couldn’t even think about what Rowena had told me, the whole thing seemed so unreal. I wondered why I am like this, what’s so special about me. I walked past a clearing when I saw something move. A man dressed in black was standing in the middle and as I came closer I saw a fairy I’ve never seen before around the village walking towards him. I hid behind a tree and watched them. Her movements very graceful but she was careful and she kept looking around, making sure no one was following. I looked at the man again, his hair was short and grey but he wasn’t old. When he looked around I could finally see his face. As soon as I saw his black eyes I knew he was a demon. He bowed his head slightly as the fairy came to a stop before him. She held her head up high as if she was his queen. They started talking but I was too far away to hear what they were saying. I stepped forward to move closer but the leaves rustled under my feet which made them both turn and look my way. I hid behind the tree and sat down, breathing slowly. I peeked around the tree and was relieved to see them still in the same spot, talking. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I can do this, my power is greater than anyone else’s. I concentrated on the wind blowing, how it moved and its power. I took another deep breath and my mind became one with the wind. I pushed it away from me, toward them. It was as if I was pulled and in a second I could hear them clearly, like I was right next to them. 

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