Tuesday, 10 September 2013

unknown magic
Chapter X - Revenge [part2]
Written by Tadi

    “Where are you going?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “You’re on a train, you have to know where you’re going.”
    “I do” I said and looked at him “I just don’t know where it is.”
    “Well maybe I can help you” he said and grinned. I looked around before leaning closer to him.
    “I’m looking for some vampires” I whispered.
    “Well that’s easy, everyone knows where they live.” I expected him to tell me to not go near them or to just go back home but he didn’t.
    “Is it here, in Italy?”
    “Yes” he said with a wide smile “in Venice.” I tilted my head in response and he laughed causing everyone on the train to turn and look at us. I smiled awkwardly and looked out the window, pretending like nothing happened.
    “They’re called The Venates and they live in the Ca’ d’Oro palace in Venice. The so called royal vampire family lives there and vampires that wish to join them can, so a lot of them just live there.”
    “So what if the ones I’m looking for don’t live there?”
    “Well you’re lucky, because tomorrow they have this big ball and everyone should be there.”
    “But how will I get in? I’m not a vampire.”
    “Everyone’s welcome to come” he said “humans don’t know they’re vampires.” I’ve only heard of balls in fairy tale books I’ve read. I don’t even know how to dance or what to do and I don’t have anything to wear.
    “I can go with you” he said.

We sat in a small café in Venice and I looked at the people walking by. A girl wearing a red top and black skirt was laughing and holding a boys hand. He lifted her up and twirled her around. Two kids ran and laughed while an old lady kept telling them to slow down. I looked to the girl two tables from us, she was sipping coffee and typing on her laptop. She seemed lost in it as her long curly hair danced in the wind. I wondered what she was writing about or who she was writing to. She looked at me and smiled, her blue eyes sparkled in the sun. She watched me for a moment and then returned to typing on her keyboard.
    “Getting there shouldn’t be a problem, but when you’re in, try to act like you know nothing” he said, drawing my attention back to him. I nodded and drank my coffee. My pocket started vibrating and I pulled out my phone. Nathan’s name was written on the screen and I sighed before placing it on the table.
    “Why don’t you just answer it?”
    “If I talk to him, he’s going to talk me in to coming back.” It stopped vibrating and I watched the screen turn black before stuffing it back in my pocket.
    “Come on” he said and stood up. I followed him and we just walked and talked. He tried holding my hand but I wouldn’t let him. Venice was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, the beautiful old buildings, the palaces and all the flowers, it was absolutely breath taking. He pulled me in to a small store called Elizabeth’s boutique. It was full of long ball gowns and he told me to look for the one I like the most. The lady in the store was really friendly and she gave me a bunch of dresses to try on. They all had corsets which made it really hard for me to breath. I went in to a dressing room to try them all on and as I put each one on I had to walk outside to let them see how it looked. I tried on a light pink one that looked absolutely ridiculous and when I walked out Zach started laughing and the lady started yelling at him in Italian. She picked out more dresses for me to try and by the end of it I was so exhausted I could barely walk. The last dress I was trying on was long and white with a hint of soft pink, the corset was covered with lace and it had a short ruffle attached at the waistline also made of lace, there was also a wide strap around the waist and the gown had to be tied at the back so the lady helped me. I walked out and Zach’s mouth flew open and I heard several gasps from the women in the store. I looked myself over in the mirror and I couldn’t help but stare, the dress was stunning and it fit me perfectly. Zach paid for the dress and I told him that I’d pay him back even though he kept insisting that it’s not necessary.

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